When I went to design school back in the dark ages, we were still hard-coding all websites. Sure, WordPress and other content management systems existed, but those were mostly used just for personal blog sites and you couldn’t build very effective business websites with those tools. In order to build a website, you had to have complex coding skills. In fact, I even remember asking one of my instructors, “Should we be learning how to use tools like WordPress for websites?” To which she replied, “No, those are only for simple personal blog sites — you really need to learn how to hard code websites. That’s the way of the future.”

While that is certainly true for larger, more complex sites like Amazon, today most small business sites can effectively be built using content management systems such as WordPress, Wix, or Squarespace. We personally prefer WordPress and would encourage you to go in this direction if you choose to build your own site. They have the largest bank of plugins and work best for SEO purposes.

CAN you build your own website?


Absolutely! WordPress, combined with a beginner-friendly theme, can make it possible for almost anyone to build a new website without coding skills.

SHOULD you build your own website?


Well, that depends… Are you able to devote a substantial amount of time to the process? Building a new website requires a major investment of time. Without web design and development skills, utilizing WordPress and a simple theme, we estimate it would take the average person around 30-60 hours to build an effective but simple website. If you are willing to put that time in, watch tutorials, and install and configure the proper plugins, this might be a worthwhile venture and can save money. But if you are pressed for time and that time is better spent with your clients and building your business, we are here for you and can take care of the heavy lifting on your website. You can schedule a call here and we can discuss your options and give you a FREE website consult.

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Of course, there is more to it than that — you need to own a domain and have a good hosting solution in place. We recommend WPEngine for hosting. They have an excellent support team, offer nightly backups, and provide one-click backup restore. They also include free malware scans, website security, and so much more. You will also want to ensure that you have a reliable anti-spam plugin such as Akismet and an SSL certificate to keep your site secure.


But with the right tools in place, a commitment of time and perseverance, anyone can build a website that will convert leads.


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