Your business and the community you’ve created around it are unique and unlike any other business out there. Our job is to help you profile exactly what it is that makes you and the community you have created are special.

You may offer many of the same services as the other gym or box down the street but yours is uniquely you and your website should reflect that. In order to achieve this, we need your help.

Shortly after you sign up for a website with us, you will receive an email requesting content for your website. This content is the text and pictures on your site. There is a link in the email that will take you to our new content collection system, Content Snare. The content questionnaire is divided into tabs. The first tab, with the most questions, is just a general information tab giving us the info we need about your business. The tabs following that are designated for the individual pages that will appear on your site. This is where you will be asked to enter text and upload pictures.

Text can sometimes be difficult for some of our clients. While we do have access to stock text it is always better for the owner to communicate with their clients in their own words. This is what makes your business your own. My best advice is to be concise, be to the point and write as if you were talking directly to your clients and future clients. If you need help with your text, just let us know and we are here for you! And don’t worry, we will run through your text to help it meet SEO standards and for copyediting purposes.

Pictures are like gold to a web designer, the more the better! We want them all. When asked to upload pictures to the questionnaire for each page send us a few options. That picture you may not think is very good could be just what the designer is looking for after a quick pass in Photoshop. Be sure to choose the pictures that best represents your gym, your coaches, and community. If you are overwhelmed with choice, we can pull photos from your social media accounts or your photo bank in Dropbox or elsewhere.

More often than not, your website is going to give your future client their first impression of who you are and what kind of business you run. This digital first impression is something that we will help make uniquely yours. Working together we can make sure that your website is much more than a collection of prices and class schedules. The content you provide is the tool we need do that job.

Are you ready to learn more? Schedule a call to get started!