If you want to get the most out of your company’s website, regular blog posts are essential. Publishing regular blog posts will drive traffic to your site, strengthen your SEO, increase your brand recognition, help develop and foster client relationships and most importantly, they will generate new leads. 

When you publish a new blog post, you are adding an indexed page to your website. When someone sits down and does a Google search, your chances of being found are much better if you have content on your site that relates to their search. Updating your site with new index pages will also allow Google and other search engines know that your site is active which will place it higher in the search results as well.

Regular, well-researched blog posts will also help to establish you and your brand as a subject matter expert.

Brand recognition is something you have to work to maintain. A weekly blog post makes sure that your business’ name is seen. The next time Joe is looking for your product or service he’ll already have at least a passing familiarity with your company’s name and what it is you do.

Blog posts are also one of the best ways to keep your clients or customers engaged with your business and improve client relations. What’s happening in the industry? What are the new products and services a customer may not be aware of? Your blog post may answer a question your client didn’t know they had before reading it.  A good blog post, written in a conversational tone can feel very much like a letter sent from one person to another. This can go a long way to improving customer relations. Keep them informed and engaged in a friendly manner and they will continue to come to visit your page.

Finally, your blog, if utilized correctly will help drive leads. The more content you publish, the more likely it is that potential clients will find you with a simple Internet search. And the more blogs you post the more likely it is those posts will be shared by your readers on social media. This will lead to a greater brand recognition. All this working together will generate new leads consisting of people who already know they need what it is your offering.

In short, yes your blog is really important. Write them, use them, profit from them. As the number of blog posts grows you have the opportunity to be the resource your clients and soon-to-be clients look to for the answers to problems you know how to solve.