“If you liked the show please write a review. If you didn’t like the show, write a review anyway.” ~Barry Katz, Hollywood Talent Agent and Producer

I want to tell you about Starfish Reviews. It’s not often that a new service impresses us enough that we take the time to make a blog post or send emails to make our clients aware. This is because, quite frankly, most of the services out there promising to change the way you do business forever are often overpriced, overcomplicated, and unnecessary. Starfish Reviews is one of the rare exceptions.

Starfish Reviews is a new plugin for your website designed to increase the number of positive reviews and testimonials that appear on your Facebook page with minimal effort on your part. Word of mouth is the best form of advertising and in the communication age word of mouth includes what’s being said on social media as well. Starfish Reviews is the tool you need to maximize your positive feedback.

Set up is simple, simply sign up for the plugin at the link above (choose the option that best suits your needs) and then send us an email and let us know that you want us to add this plugin to your website. Provide us with your business’ Facebook page address and an email address where you’d like negative reviews sent. Once setup is complete your clients will be sent an email asking them if they would recommend your business to a friend.

When they click the yes button they are redirected to your Facebook page and asked to leave a short three to four sentence review. The next time a potential client comes to your Facebook page there will be an ample amount of current reviews that could tip their decision in your favor when it comes to picking a gym.

When a client indicates they are not satisfied with your business or would not recommend it to a friend they are asked to give a short critique and suggestions on how they might be served better in the future. These negative reviews can be more important than the positive. These emails could expose weaknesses you weren’t aware of and enable you to course-correct before a small issue becomes a big one. Starfish Reviews will get these critiques to your inbox as soon as the customer clicks the send button.

We don’t make recommendations lightly, especially if there is an associated fee. However, we at For Time Design know how important a steady stream of public positive reviews, as well as constructive criticism, can be for your business. Starfish Reviews is by far the most efficient and easy-to-use tool there is for receiving this valuable customer feedback.

If you have any questions, please feel free to send us an email. You can also visit their website.

They are a running a promotion right now that will lock in prices for early adopters of their service. We believe it’s well worth your time to investigate Starfish Reviews